Whether you have a nagging cough or are undergoing major surgery, or are just looking to ensure you’re getting your vitamins, Huber is here for you. Our specialty hydrocolloids and ground calcium carbonate improve thousands of health and nutrition products ranging from dietary supplements to surgical bandages, with new products arriving all the time.


Huber’s impact on health & nutrition

Huber helps the medicine go down

Regardless of what ails you, there’s a good chance Huber expertise is part of the remedy. Our products make medications, syrups and bandages work better.

Avoid heartburn with Huber. HuberCal® calcium carbonate from Huber Engineered Materials is a common ingredient in antacids to relieve heartburn, as well as indigestion and upset stomach. We grind our calcium carbonate to pharmaceutical grade, ensuring that it works as soon as you take it. CP Kelco’s XANTURAL® Xanthan Gum is a key stabilizer in several brands of milk of magnesia.

If you have an itch in your throat, XANTURAL Xanthan Gum makes cough syrups smooth and easy to swallow. It also ensures that the medication remains evenly distributed regardless of how long it sits on the shelf, so that the first dose is just as potent as the last.

For any number of controlled release medications, XANTURAL Xanthan Gum helps the pill or tablet dissolve at an even rate. KELCOGEL® Gellan Gum can be used in pill coatings to add color and make them easier to swallow.

Few people want to spend time at the doctor’s office, but Huber makes a variety of diagnostic tools more effective. XANTURAL Xanthan Gum also stabilizes barium sulfate, a contrast agent commonly used during x-rays of the gastrointestinal tract.

And if you require surgery, Huber can ease you through the recovery process. GENU® Pectin is used in many bandages designed to promote wound healing, and can also help absorb moisture and balance skin pH over time, which helps prevent irritation.

Don’t forget your vitamins

For the millions of people who make dietary supplements a part of their daily health routine, we can improve your experience. Huber can formulate binder systems in powder blends, key for creating tablets that hold together during transit but are also easily chewable.

Huber’s calcium carbonate is also used as an nutritional additive in everything from breakfast cereals to energy bars to juices, smoothies and shakes.

Huber helps keep you healthy. Our products used in medications, supplements, bandages and more do what we do best—make them better.