Huber employees are passionate about the company and the role they play in being part of building Huber’s legacy in the world.

They say it best…


Jingqing Xia,
Senior HR Manager, CP Kelco
“Among all other aspects, I really appreciate working at Huber because the organization lives by its Principles. It’s one of the most important traits of the company culture: not only I can feel it in my daily work, but it provides me with guidance in complex decision-making situations. That makes the difference.”


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Bart Edwards,
Vice President, Corporate Internal Audit, J.M. Huber Corporation
“Through my direct and frequent interactions with the Board of Directors, executive management, and risk owners around the world, I can proudly attest to the fact that Huber differentiates itself as its values and Principles have been successfully embedded deeply within the cultural soul of the company.”
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Joseph Bergan,
Safety Manager, Huber Engineered Woods
“I was gainfully employed when Huber Engineered Woods in Easton, Maine knocked on my door. I was keenly aware of Huber’s commitment to safety—they had a great reputation in the industry. I jumped on the chance as a result of that reputation and what the organization is trying to achieve. It’s easy for me to tell folks that this is the best place to work. I am a valued employee, and have been here two years and am extremely happy here.”
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Mathias Krause,
Grossenbrode, Germany Plant Manager, CP Kelco
“I love to work for Huber/CPKelco because we are always striving to live our values. At the same time, we realize we are humans and we make mistakes—we dare to show vulnerability about the fact that we are not perfect. This has created a positive, encouraging and inspiring culture in which to work. We also operate with a long-term mindset—we genuinely care for the coming generations.”
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Michele  Cacdac-Jones,
Communications Director, Global Marketing, CP Kelco
“Since joining Huber/CP Kelco in 2014, I have enjoyed so many aspects of my work experience, including the cross-functional teamwork that happens every day and the many opportunities to work on meaningful projects that have a real impact on the business. Most of all, I really appreciate the people and the global culture at Huber—everyone is committed to helping one another and contributing together to build a business we can all be proud of.”
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R Venkatraman,
Country Director, CP Kelco India
“CP Kelco has been doing an exceptional job at recognizing, awarding and promoting talent at various levels. This, combined with the Huber Principles makes CP Kelco a truly great company to work for.  I feel enriched working with professionals across the globe, ever since I joined CP Kelco in 2011.”
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Cynthia Winters,
Human Resources Coordinator, Huber Engineered Materials
“I knew Huber Engineered Materials was the kind of company that I wanted to work for right from the beginning. Besides the great people and the culture, HEM had all the characteristics that I was looking for in an organization such as a long history, core values, integrity and opportunities. This made my decision to join the organization 12 years ago an easy one.”
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Stefanie Chmura,
Senior Director, Marketing Excellence, CP Kelco
“The diverse businesses within the Huber portfolio, the talented people and core company Principles have provided me the opportunity to continuously develop, be challenged intellectually and amass the requisite experience and business acumen to be the leader that I am today.”
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