Our engineered materials and hydrocolloids have countless industrial uses, including in oil and gas extraction, paper products, ceramic, rubber and plastic, thermally conductive compounds in electronics and more. This represents a wide range of markets and thousands of products, but they all have one thing in common—Huber makes them better.

Huber’s impact on industrial applications

Coatings, inks and paper

Alumina trihydrate (ATH) and ground calcium carbonate from Huber Engineered Materials are excellent choices when utilized as additives during the production process. ATH is an extremely functional and versatile pigment, useful in a number of coatings and ink applications. Pergopak® organic matting agents help reduce gloss in overprint varnishes applied as coatings after printing.


For ceramic applications, such as spark plugs, insulators and bearings, Martoxid® calcined aluminas from Huber Engineered Materials are the answer to making them hold up better against wear. Our Hydral® and Martinal® ATH grades, also from Huber Engineered Materials, are used in ceramics that need resistance to thermal shock and other temperature extremes.

Rubber and plastics

Hubercarb® ground calcium carbonate is used in a wide variety of rubber applications as both an extender and detacktifying agent. In other calcium carbonate rubber applications, it can add stiffness or provide abrasion resistance. For fire retardants in rubber processing, Huber offers an array of non-halogen flame retardant and smoke suppressant additives. In addition to its uses in coatings and inks, Pergopak can be used on plastics, such as car dashboards, to impart a “soft” feel to the touch. Our ATH, Magnesium Hydroxide (MDH) and Kemgard® products can be used in wire and cable, silicone rubber, foam insulation, commercial flooring, PVC pipe and more.


As electronic devices become smaller and more compact, better compounds are needed to keep components from overheating. Martoxid calcined aluminas are used for functional sheets, IC packaging, heat sinks, electrical power appliances, tapes, thermal gap fillers, encapsulation compounds, adhesives, sealing materials, coatings, solar panels and more to transfer heat away from electronic parts, while also doubling as electrical insulators.

Drilling fluids

Complex fluids used to extract hydrocarbons from the earth are made more functional with Hubercarb and Geotex® calcium carbonate products from Huber Engineered Materials. The Hubercarb M Series calcium carbonates are produced in Texas, strategically located near the largest oil and gas drilling areas in the US. Used as bridging and weighting agents in both water- and oil-based drilling fluids, Huber’s technologies prevent fluid loss during repair and replacement of tubing in wells. Once the drilling is done, calcium carbonates are easily dissolved, which helps crews clean up production zones.

Regardless of the application, process or product, if it can be improved, Huber has a solution.

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