Regardless of whether the crop is fruit, nuts, vegetables or trees, Huber offers a wide range of products and services to help manage farms and forests sustainably.

Fertilizers and adjuvants from the Huber AgroSolutions business unit of Huber Engineered Materials help make the produce you find in your local grocery store luscious and healthy. Huber Resources Corp.’s forest management services aid clients in tending and harvesting timber responsibly, which maintains forest health and allows them to grow and regenerate. Our services also include wildlife and recreation management, to protect habitat and promote biodiversity in a variety of forest uses.

Huber is at the forefront of research and technology designed to reduce pesticide and water usage in crop production and protect groundwater. Our Pinolene® products have been developed to achieve maximum efficacy with minimal risk to honey bees, field workers and the environment.

Huber’s impact on agriculture & forestry


Healthy plants start with healthy soil. Hubercarb® ground calcium carbonate can be used as a “soil sweetener,” providing growing plants with much-needed calcium. C.A.L.F.A.® nutrient enhancer also helps release calcium, phosphates and micronutrients from the soil for easy absorption by plants.

Once the seeds are in the ground, Cytokin® bioregulator concentrate can be used to stimulate growth and fruit development in all stages, from germination through ripening.


Now that the plants have sprouted, Miller products help ensure that they grow strong and healthy. Nutri-Leaf® soluble nutrient fertilizer is ground to a uniform particle size to deliver better performance via drip irrigation or foliar application. Miller’s chelates help plants absorb key elements and minerals such as iron, calcium and zinc in a wide soil pH range. These micronutrient products, including Ferriplus®, Calcium Chelate and Boro Zinc, are also completely soluble in spray solutions and drip irrigation systems for easy and wide dispersal so that each plant receives the nutrition it needs.

Miller’s agricultural additives can also help plants thrive in adverse weather conditions. Vapor Gard® terpene polymer spray reduces the loss of water vapor by forming a film over the plant surface, ideal for hot or cold weather conditions. Additionally, Greenstim® and Fertigard™ speciality fertilizers enhance the plant’s own ability to strengthen their own defense systems to abiotic stresses which increase disease pressure, reducing the amount of fungicides needed.

In woodlands, Huber Resources Corp. uses multiple tools to maintain forest stability. Complex growth modeling programs can simulate conditions in any type of forest and project growth and inventory for decades. Multiple silvicultural systems, including early and commercial thinning and shelterwood regeneration harvests are used to apply the correct treatment for each forest type and condition. The goal is to maximize forest growth in a sustainable manner, as well as to protect and manage wildlife habitat.


Huber can also help protect fruits and vegetables from attack by pests. Miller’s specialty adjuvants, including the Nu Film® line of products, enable pesticides to adhere to a plant’s surface and resist the effects of rain and UV radiation. This helps farmers reduce their pesticide use to low dose, curative applications.

Sulforix®* fungicide-insecticide is excellent for use on tree fruit, small fruit and nut crops. For fruits, Nu-Lure® liquid protein bait encourages fruit flies to feed on spray residues, thereby improving fruit quality.

For larger crop threats, the Miller Hot Sauce® product repels deer, elk, rabbits, voles, squirrels and other crop-damaging animals by using capsaicin extract—the same compound found in chili peppers.

While some animals and insects are unwelcome on the farm, they play in integral role in the forest. Indeed, for some timberland owners, managing wildlife habitat is as important as managing trees. Huber’s forestry services can alter a forest’s shading and tree make-up to help achieve optimal forest conditions for game species, migratory birds or bears.

From strawberries to pine trees, Huber’s products and services bring out the best in farms and forests.

*Sulforix is a registered trademark owned by Tessenderlo Kerley, Inc.