Vision 150 is the destination we are walking toward—together. How we get there is up to us, but this guiding star will help us navigate an ever-changing business environment so we head in the right direction.

What sets Huber apart from other companies? The Huber Principles

As we continue to transform and improve products used around the world, the Huber Principles define our culture and align with the core values of the Huber family, ensuring that everything we do is for the benefit of our people as well as our customers.

Safety & Sustainability 

World-class safety and environmental performance 

Well-being is our top priority. Nothing matters more than the physical and mental health of our workforce, customers and communities. We protect our planet with environmentally friendly products and sustainable supply chains. 

Respect for People 

We welcome and treat all people with honesty, respect and integrity 

We value different backgrounds, ideas and opinions. We believe diverse teams are the best teams, and everyone deserves honest feedback, recognition and opportunities to grow. Huber’s culture is built for employee dignity and empowerment to achieve individual and team goals.  

Ethical Behavior  

A company identity that we are all proud of 

Open and honest communication is vital to our success. We want to hear concerns so we can resolve them quickly as we strive to operate at the highest standards of fair and moral conduct. Every Huber employee is expected to work from a place of responsibility and professionalism. 


Competitive advantage through customer intimacy, innovation and operational excellence 

Deep knowledge of and collaboration with our customers drives successful new product development and commercialization. Every product is designed to benefit our customers and manufactured to the highest quality in our mills and plants. Every employee contributes through best practices and continuous learning.  

The Living by the Huber Principles annual report illustrates how these core values serve as our compass—guiding decisions, motivating our employees and ensuring that our Company will improve today for a better tomorrow.

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Huber’s reputation and profitability depend on the integrity of our employees’ individual actions and decisions. The trust our customers, shareholders and communities place in our Company is an invaluable asset. Huber’s Code of Ethics is shaped by our Principles.

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