Huber operates as a Portfolio Management Company, giving each Huber company the autonomy to manage their business to serve their customers, with the benefits of being part of a 140 year-old family company. CP Kelco, Huber Engineered Materials, Huber Engineered Woods and Huber Resources Corp. hold leadership positions in rapidly growing markets such as specialty chemicals and minerals, hydrocolloids and engineered woods, as well as timber management.

CP Kelco

CP Kelco ingredients touch a wide variety of foods, beverages, household products and industrial applications. We combine expertise in the science of rheology with customer collaboration and continuing innovation in the use of nature-based ingredients.

Whether it’s suspending cocoa particles in chocolate milk, manipulating gel textures in air fresheners, improving the sprayability of sunscreen or creating cleaners from bio-based materials, CP Kelco offers a portfolio of products and applications expertise to suit the needs of consumer products manufacturers worldwide.

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Huber Engineered Materials

Huber Engineered Materials produces specialty materials designed to enhance the performance, appeal and processing of a broad range of products used in industrial, agricultural and consumer applications.

Our diverse range of customers experience tremendous value through the use of our high quality, specialty materials, as well as our strong commitment to superior customer service and technical support. Regardless of your application, we have engineered materials solutions that will meet your needs.

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Huber Engineered Woods

Huber Engineered Woods LLC creates innovative specialty products—AdvanTech® subflooring and subfloor adhesive, and ZIP System® roof and wall sheathing—that provide residential and commercial builders with improved performance, easy installation and greater strength.

The recognized leader in specialty engineered woods in the US, we bring together a team of professionals with experience in research and development, technical services and manufacturing to create products that solve specific problems.

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Huber Resources Corp

Huber Resources relies on an integrated system of responsible forestry practices, including forest regeneration and sustained yield harvesting. In fact, our strategic harvesting methods are designed to sustain or even improve watersheds and wildlife habitats.

With decades of experience managing timberland, we can help you make the right decisions to get the most out of your timberland. We help our clients achieve their financial, recreation and habitat goals.

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