From its founding in 1883 to this day, Huber remains family-owned and is one of the largest privately held companies in the United States. As shareholders, members of the Huber family see it as their responsibility to continue the profitable growth and success of the company in accordance with the Huber Principles.

What Huber means to our shareholders


A lot has changed since Joseph Maria Huber founded his ink business nearly 140 years ago. The company has grown and diversified into industries ranging from wood products to food ingredients, and the Huber family has expanded to include about 300 members. Through all this change, the Huber family remains committed to ensuring their company is a positive force in the world, always working to improve today for a better tomorrow.

The J.M. Huber Corporation serves as an important connection between the increasingly broad branches of the Huber family tree, bringing together family members of all ages. The family can trace their history in parallel with the company, through two World Wars, the Great Depression, the Great Recession and other periods of drastic change. Their focus on improving life for millions of people around the world, as well as their commitment to treating their employees with dignity and respect, has helped the company persevere through these challenges.


Company pride runs deep with the Huber family, and each successive generation has helped ensure the company is run with the highest ethical standards everywhere it operates. To this day, the family plays an active role in supporting the company’s culture and ensuring everything we do is in the spirit of the Huber Principles.

While Huber is a privately-held company, it adheres to many of the best practices of a public company, including regularly communicating with shareholders, holding a yearly shareholder meeting and publishing an annual financial report. Family members can become involved with the company through internships and employment opportunities. Huber family members continue to serve on the Huber Board, as well as on the Management Boards of Huber’s individual portfolio companies.

The Huber family governance structure serves as a vehicle to discuss important issues within the family, as well as between the family and the company. The overall governing body is the Huber Family Council, led by the Family Council Board, which is comprised of elected Board Members. In addition to the Huber Family Council, there are several task forces and committees that address specific issues of importance to family members, including education, environmental stewardship and philanthropy.

Huber, its Board of Directors and the Huber family have received several prestigious awards honoring their leadership and commitment to the community:



A better tomorrow

The Huber family focuses on the future—with an eye on what they and company leave behind as their legacy. Huber has put a greater focus on sustainability, diversity and inclusion, and responsible corporate citizenship as part of the family’s mission to be a force for good in the world. The company’s initiatives strive to include people from all backgrounds, protect the environment and leave a lasting positive impact in the communities in which the company operates.

Today, the Huber family consists of members representing the third generation through the sixth generation since the company’s founding. Huber remains guided by its core Principles and owned by a family with a steadfast commitment to its long-term success.

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