The Huber family received the prestigious 2018 Kellogg Family Enterprise Leadership Award at the Kellogg Center for Family Enterprises at Northwestern University in Evanston, Illinois.

Kellogg Award BowlThis award recognizes the Huber family’s leadership and focus on maintaining effective communications between the family and their company, as well as the family’s education, guidance and mentoring of younger generations. The Huber family joins a distinguished list of winners that includes the Ochs/Sulszberger family of The New York Times, M. Laird Koldyke of Laird Norton Company and Jim Ethier of Bush Brothers & Company.

Sam Huber, co-chair of the Huber Family Council Board; Molly Heaney, member of the Huber Board of Directors and Huber Family Council; and Guy Cecala, chair of the Huber Family Nominating & Evaluation Committee, accepted the award on May 9, 2018, and were the event’s keynote speakers, sharing their insights on 135 years of stewardship, leadership and transition at Huber.

Kellogg Award Group

Through its global educational initiatives and annual awards, the Kellogg Center for Family Enterprises helps promote values, vision, leadership, governance and stewardship capabilities that are often exhibited by effective business-owning families. Members of the Huber family, along with Huber senior executives and Board members, have attended Kellogg’s annual family-owned business program since 2005. This program addresses skills and capabilities that are critical to success for a complex, multi-generational family-owned enterprise like Huber.

This award is a testament to the continuing commitment of the Huber family in owning a Company that conducts its business globally in a way they can be proud to tell their grandchildren about.

The Huber family is also the winner of the IMD-Lombard Odier Global Family Business Award for 2013.