Long before Diversity, Equity & Inclusion (DE&I) initiatives became a concern for many companies, Respect for People, one of the Huber Principles, inspired us to create a culture that valued different ideas, opinions and backgrounds.

We understand that DE&I means different things to different people. And we know that our employees support diversity, equity and inclusion for different reasons. This has inspired us to take a uniquely “Huber” approach to this journey, which is a reflection of the Huber Principles in action.

We call this approach, I Belong at Huber.

Our DE&I strategy focuses on three pillars: Talent (how and who we hire and develop), Culture (the experience our employees have at work every day) and Community (how we interact with our customers and communities).

Inform, empower and engage at the local level

We’ve empowered our leadership team and employees to have open and honest conversations about what diversity, equity and inclusion means to them within their local environment. We support these conversations through the provision of training, messaging toolkits and positive storytelling.

To create cohorts of community and belonging, we offer Employee Resource Groups (ERGs), which are voluntary, employee-led groups designed to connect employees who share a purpose, interest or background. ERGs create a more inclusive workplace and promote cultural competency through engaging events, collaborative projects, as well as learning and developmental opportunities.

Current ERGs at Huber

Women’s Inspiration Network (WIN)

Black Employees Supporting Talent (BEST)

Young Professionals at Huber

Association for the Success & Inclusion of Asians & Pacific Islanders (ASIA)

Huber’s Organization for Latinx Advancement (HOLA)

Veterans Engaging Together for Success (VETS)

Aspire Women’s Group

Working Parents (Supporting Parents & Caregivers)

Women in Ops R Thriving at Huber (WORTH)

Disabilities Advancement and Wellness Network (DAWN)

At Huber, we believe that different cultures, ethnicities, faiths, ages, sexual orientation and genders make us stronger. And we will continually strive to make Huber’s inclusive culture better, a place where our people feel empowered to share their ideas and know that they will be heard and valued. Want to join us?

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