Huber is a Portfolio Management Company (PMC), a structure that gives our businesses more flexibility and independence. Under this organization, each Huber business has its own dedicated Management Board, empowering Huber leaders with industry-specific knowledge and experience to drive their respective business forward. With this increased autonomy comes greater accountability for each business to achieve outstanding performance.

What Huber means to our portfolio businesses

Stability in turbulent times

As a family-owned company, Huber has a stable shareholder base that is committed to the Huber Principles and vested in the long-term success of each Huber portfolio business. While public companies often succumb to the immediate demands of investors, private companies such as Huber can sustain their strategic direction even in the face of short-term challenges.

Changing economic conditions affect each Huber business differently. When one faces headwinds, resources from across Huber can be leveraged from other parts of the enterprise. When a Huber business succeeds, all of Huber succeeds.

Economies of scale

The PMC model allows our businesses to be nimble in their strategies while still realizing the benefits of a large corporation. Huber’s leadership development programs give each portfolio business access to a deep pool of talent and leadership. Our capital structure also ensures that investments in technology and communication are shared across the portfolio businesses. These resources help Huber businesses achieve more together than they could separately.

Working together and sharing resources also lets Huber make a bigger impact in corporate philanthropy and community engagement, helping us do our part to make the world a better place.

A path forward

Corporate leadership, in conjunction with the Management Boards, helps ensure that all Huber businesses are well-positioned to succeed in their respective markets. Above all, the Huber Principles bring Huber together as one company. Our Principles create a common bond across Huber portfolio businesses that define how we conduct ourselves everywhere we operate.