CP Kelco ingredients touch a wide variety of consumer and household products and industrial applications.

We combine expertise in the science of rheology with customer collaboration and continuing innovation in the use of nature-based ingredients.

Whether it’s suspending cocoa particles in chocolate milk, manipulating gel textures in air fresheners, improving the sprayability of sunscreen or creating cleaners from bio-based materials, CP Kelco offers a portfolio of products and applications expertise to suit the needs of consumer products manufacturers worldwide.

Create a range of textures with ingredients that originate in nature

CP Kelco has steadily broadened the effectiveness and range of hydrocolloid use since our founding nearly 90 years ago. Through ongoing experimentation and product development, CP Kelco has pioneered advancements in the manufacturing and application of pectin, gellan gum, xanthan gum, diutan gum and carrageenan. Our products improve existing foods, beverages and personal care products, and make new ones possible in markets all over the world.

Leveraging nearly a century of experience, we are always charting new paths to help our customers make their products better. Our products are derived from raw materials found in nature, including polysaccharides produced by microbial fermentation, extraction from land and sea plants and cellulose-based raw materials.

As part of the J.M. Huber Corporation since 2004, we continue to expand our network of commercial offices and laboratories around the globe, serving more than 100 countries across Europe, Asia, Africa, the Middle East and the Americas. We now operate manufacturing facilities in the US, Brazil, Finland, Denmark, Germany and China.

We continue to explore how our nature-based, renewable ingredients can enable our customers to grow and embrace new challenges in their own markets and industries.

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