High-quality. Functional. Adaptable. CP Kelco ingredients are at the forefront of customer needs and market trends.

We’re a global company of 2,000 nature-based ingredient enthusiasts. And masters in the science of rheology.

CP Kelco has discovered a wide range of end-use applications creating an impressive portfolio of products. We empower formulators to achieve the innovation, label and nutritional profiles, appearance, stability, texture, suspension, mouthfeel and taste desired.

Our products create a range of textures with ingredients that originate in nature

We draw on decades of experience to develop innovative solutions for food and beverages, personal care, oral care, household cleaners and detergents, pharmaceuticals, paper, construction, paints and coatings.

Recognized across industries for our manufacturing and food safety standards, we are leading the way in how nature-based products are produced. We offer an extensive ingredient portfolio of pectin, gellan gum, xanthan gum, diutan gum, carrageenan, refined locust bean gum, microparticulated whey protein concentrate and more.

What sets us apart? Along with our unique portfolio, we’re proud of our commitment to sustainability, the technical excellence of our global network of scientists and application experts, and our understanding of market trends and insights.

And we’re not done yet. Thanks to our ongoing collaboration with customers, new ingredients and applications are being discovered every year.

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