In everything from sunscreen to toothpaste, Huber ingenuity improves the products that make you look better. Our hydrocolloids are derived from nature-based, renewable raw materials, and we strive to preserve nature’s functionality by minimizing modification. These ingredients serve many uses, including thickening, suspension, stabilization and gelation, attributes that help hundreds of personal care products perform at their best.

Huber’s impact on personal care

Into the shower

Step into a hot shower and grab your body wash. KELTROL® CG xanthan gum from CP Kelco helps body wash flow smoothly and makes it easy to squeeze or pump from a bottle. It also helps create a rich lather.

For textured body washes, KELCOGEL® gellan gum easily suspends beads, exfoliating particles and decorative materials like glitter without making the body wash too viscous.

Huber is here for your hair too. Shampoos are thick yet smooth thanks to GENUVISCO® carrageenan, and it will also help it stick to your hair until it’s time to wash it out.

Oral care

After breakfast, it’s time to brush your teeth. CP Kelco’s CEKOL® cellulose gum (CMC), KELDENT® xanthan gum and GENUVISCO carrageenan are the most commonly used binders in toothpaste. These nature-based ingredients make toothpaste easy to squeeze out of the tube while still keeping its shape on your toothbrush. KELDENT xanthan gum is also ideal for keeping well-defined stripes in toothpaste.

Skin and sun

Just a few finishing touches before you’re ready to face the day. Huber’s ingredients can affect a product’s flow, thickness and texture, making them perfect for lotions, sunscreens and cosmetics. KELTROL CG xanthan gum prevents mascara from clumping, while GENU® pectin is great in aftershave lotions and gels.

Sunny day out? Huber has you covered. For sprayable sunscreens, KELCOGEL gellan gum keeps the liquid from separating in the bottle and also ensures a wide and even spray pattern.

Huber helps make you look better. From head to toe, our vast ingredient choices enable any personal care concept to become a consumer product, meeting our customers’ needs—and yours.

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