CPKUK Tax strategy for the Fiscal Year Ending 31 December 2019

This document outlines CPKUK’s tax policy and approach to conducting its UK tax affairs and dealing with UK tax risk in compliance with the Schedule 19 of Finance Act 2016. The tax team will periodically review this document, working together with business partners, to ensure that:

CPKUK Tax Policy

CPKUK is committed to conduct its tax matters in accordance with the following principles:

CPKUK Tax Governance and Risk Management

The main functions of CPKUK are related to distribution activities for chemical products covering the UK market for related manufacturing companies. The company employs 15 people, all located in the UK. The finance and direct tax compliance functions are conducted by a centralized finance teams located in Denmark and the US.

UK Taxation Acceptable Level of Risk

CPKUK accepts a level of risk that conforms to its overall objective of achieving certainty in its tax affairs.

The following elements are considered during tax risk reviews:

Tax Planning for UK Taxation

CPKUK meets taxation obligations in the UK:

Approach Towards Dealings with HMRC

CPKUK seeks to have a transparent and constructive relationship with HMRC:

Tax Contribution

The main taxes paid to the UK government were as follows:

November 19, 2019