Guided by the Huber Principles and driven by our Sustainability Strategy, Huber is making rapid progress on our goals to lighten the Company’s environmental footprint. These efforts were acknowledged in December 2020 by the CDP (formerly the Carbon Disclosure Project), a gold standard of third-party environmental performance ratings.

The CDP runs the global reporting system for companies and municipalities to disclose and manage their environmental impacts. Each year, thousands of organizations complete a comprehensive submission to provide transparency into their climate-related governance and strategy, risks and opportunities, energy/emissions targets and performance, and value chain engagement, often at the request of their investors or customers.

For 2020, Huber received a “B” score from the CDP, which signifies that the organization is taking coordinated and appropriate action on climate issues. Huber’s score exceeds the average performance of the chemical industry (“C”) and North American businesses as a whole (“D”).

Huber’s performance is a result of our comprehensive Sustainability Strategy, which considers the Triple Bottom Line (TBL) dimensions of People, Planet & Profit in how we operate. The strategy and its Planet objectives align with stakeholder expectations, which helps motivate Huber to make year-over-year progress toward these targets. The CDP disclosure provides a mechanism through which we can demonstrate this prioritization to our customers and partners, and provide transparency into the environmental impact that these projects offer.

By being transparent about our sustainability efforts, Huber also proves that the organization takes appropriate actions when assessing and responding to near- and long-term climate-related risks. This shows our commitment and resiliency to customers, employees and creditors.

“The CDP recognition is proof that external stakeholders acknowledge our sustainability performance,” says Don Young, Executive Vice President of Environment, Health, Safety & Sustainability. “We look forward to celebrating this and adding it as yet one more element to our sustainability value proposition.”

Posted January 4, 2021