ATLANTA (March 25, 2022) – As part of the Huber Helps expansion efforts, J.M. Huber Corporation launched the Huber Helps Impact Global Education Network by providing $220,000 of multi-year funding to our inaugural members, Shanghai Young Bakers and Musicians for EducationShanghai Young Bakers in Shanghai, China, provides baking training to disadvantaged youth, giving them the skills to create job security for their future. Musicians for Education in San Diego, California, provides education and mentoring to ensure that single Latina mothers in high school make it to college.

Both organizations were introduced to Huber Helps through the Impact Your Community (IYC) program, which invites employees across the Company to apply annually for funding projects in their communities that can leave a lasting legacy in a way that smaller contributions may not, particularly when the need exceeds a site’s local philanthropy budget.

While reflecting on the various applicants and recipients of the IYC program since 2018, we recognized the opportunity to provide more support for education programs for marginalized youth around the world. We decided to expand our global education efforts by further investing in organizations that have been multi-year recipients of the IYC program and have demonstrated outstanding governance, communications and impact measurement.

The goal of the Impact Global Education Network is to provide member organizations with multi-year funding to help them scale their efforts. It will also provide member organizations with the opportunity to learn best practices and new ideas from other members who may be grappling with similar challenges and opportunities.

Visit the Huber Helps page to learn more about Huber’s community engagement initiative.