Huber celebrates its 100th anniversary in 1983. At the century mark, the Huber portfolio consists of: Printing Inks, Carbon Black, Oil & Gas, Timber & Minerals, Chemicals, Clay, Calcium Carbonate, Solem, East-Tex Plastics and Equipment.

In the same year, Huber enters a new market by opening a plant in Easton, Maine, to produce oriented strand board (OSB) for the construction industry. This forms the foundation of today’s Huber Engineered Woods (HEW).

Mike Huber introduces the Huber Principles in 1987 to serve as a guidepost for the company’s core values. The initial foundation for our Principles came from Joseph Maria Huber (Mike’s grandfather). Although the Principles have evolved over time as Huber has become more diverse and international, our underlying four core values are essentially the same—and growing stronger more than 130 years later.

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